So, you want to know about me? Well, here goes! I currently live in Pittsburgh with my fiance, Joey. I am planning our wedding, which will take place on July 16, 2011. I love him more than life itself. He puts up with my endless chatter about wedding stuff, whether it be for ours or someone else’s. He is my biggest supporter.

I enjoy attending good party, but enjoy hosting more. I started planning events my senior year of high school with the town’s homecoming parade and a charity date auction. Going through college, I was always the social events chairperson for my sorority and co-chaired fundraising events for THON at PSU’s Behrend campus (LET’S GO PSU!). I’ve also worked at a university organizing and assisting with networking events in NYC, DC and Harrisburg among other cities. I recently decided to start my own business, Nicki Ann Events. When I say recently, I mean I am finally taking action on a long-time dream. I’d been talking about doing this forever, but all I was doing was talking. I have been unofficially planning parties and weddings for years. Now it is time to make my dream a reality.

I am extremely organized and detail-oriented, which makes event coordination the perfect job for me. I am creative and can come up with ways to make any theme work. I am also very handy. So not only can I come up with the ideas, but I can also bring them to life.

My perfect client is a little funky and wants something unique rather than a cookie cutter wedding. He or she is vocal and not afraid to let me know if I am capturing the vision for the event or am way off the mark. I want someone who loves color. After all, weddings are a reflection of the couple and if you are funky, colorful and unique, you are my type of people.


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