Tuesday Shoesday, Edition 7

How many of you ladies are about the same height as your future hubby? This was an issue I had to deal with because I had to find shoes under a certain heel height to ensure I was not taller than mine on our day. I normally don’t care and rock the 4 inchers. However, for the sake of photos, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t towering over him. For those of you who have the same issues, check out these hot little flats. There are a few different colors, but I chose to show you the blue because it’s my favorite color and they can double as your something blue.

Purchase them at Zappos! Heck for the price, you may just want to grab a pair to wear everyday! I do this for you ladies. I do it for you.


One Response

  1. Those are soo cute. Someone could just buy them to have in their collection.

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