Friday Finds 7.29.11

I’ve been gone. You’ve missed me I am sure. However, I was celebrating my own wedding and honeymoon so I don’t really feel bad 🙂 I had prepared a few Tuesday Shoesday posts to keep you busy while I was out, but never got time to write a few Finds. So I am back. This week’s Friday Finds is actually more like things I “found” at my wedding. So I title this “In Hindsight.”

1. We had small bamboo favors for all of our guests. See the photo below courtesy of the Mansion at Maple Heights.

Super cute, right? However, in hindsight, they weren’t as practical as I had planned. You’ve heard me go on and on about how I value practical favors. Something the guests can take home and enjoy as a memento of our wedding, but without our names and date all over it. And it did look perfect, but small containers filled with little blue rocks and slightly wobbly plants and alcohol do not mix. There were men down everywhere. I found lone bamboo laying in the library, on the patio, in the tent. Not to mention the blue rocks I heard the staff at the Mansion were cleaning up for the next week. I do think this could be successful with a few little tweaks to the package. So if you are planning on similar favors or something that has the potential to be messy, think through all the possibilities beforehand.

2. We had two Best Men and two Matrons of Honor. Plus, my MIL wanted to say a little something before she gave the blessing. Now, I’ve been to weddings (and in them) where one of those speeches goes for 15 minutes full of inside jokes that no one gets and you can hear growling stomachs in the background. And then there are 2 more speeches after that. We did not want this. We briefed our speech-makers and asked them to keep it to about 3-5 minutes. Despite this, we thought it would be a good idea to split up the toasts so no one would be sitting through 20 minutes of talking.

In hindsight, this turned out to be awful. Our featured speakers listened to us and kept it short, sweet and to the point. They all did a fantastic job. The problem was when we had them speak. The blessing and two toasts were before dinner and the last two were supposed to be after dinner. One thing we did not count on was the people wandering off after dinner to explore the Mansion or the grounds. Unfortunately, I think half of our guests missed the second set of speeches. However, Joey and I did not, which I guess is the most important thing.

3. Banks do not  like it when you try to deposit checks with “Mr. & Mrs. Pope” or “Joe and Nicole Pope” when one of you is listed as having a different last name. I get it. I would be pretty upset if a check was deposited in another person’s account with a different name listed in the To section. It’s not something I think a lot of people think about when writing those checks. They are just excited to write Mr. & Mrs. because they are so happy for you. This is more of a tip to the gift-givers, either just write the groom’s name or write the bride’s maiden name. Of course, this is just a slight hold-up and a pretty easy fix, but let’s make it easy on the newlyweds. So in hindsight, I will never write “Mr. & Mrs. So-and-so” on any checks to a new couple again regardless of how cute it looks.

Honestly, my wedding day was absolutely perfect. I had awesome vendors, so if something did go wrong I had no clue. I’ll be posting more later with some photos of details, location, etc. But for now, keep these Finds in mind.


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