Friday Finds 7.1.11

First of all… holy crap! I am getting married this month! In 15 days! Wow. How the time has flown!

Second, today’s find is quite a resource if I do say so myself. The Limited is one of my favorite stores. They have great clothes for the young business professional. Just the right amount of style and funk to make you feel good when walking into work. They launched their wedding and events line at the beginning of June. Let me just say that they have truly carried over their knack for capturing the perfect style. Let’s take this one for example.

Simply stunning! You know I am a huge fan of the one shoulder dresses. With vintage weddings being all the rage lately, I think this dress would be perfect!!

You know the conversation. Bride: “I picked this one because you can wear it again!” Bridesmaid (while trying to choke back the sarcastic remarks): “Of course I can! It’s beautiful!” I applaud your ability to suck it up and wear what the bride wants. But in these bridesmaid’s dresses, you really won’t have to lie. You can actually wear them again! I like this one 🙂

It’s so adorable and you can definitely wear this one to a garden party or wedding later in the year. Long gone are the days of “it can always be dyed and hemmed shorter!”


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