It’s healthy to forget you are getting married.

I did this past weekend. I had the weekend off. No plans, no responsibilities, no-thing. I had very fleeting thoughts of my wedding. I have been very diligent with entering the RSVPs into The Knot as they come in so that I don’t have to spend hours sitting there entering them all at once, so I entered the one RSVP I received and that was pretty much it.

Do you want to know what I did? I played in the dirt. Yep. I dug out rocks from the planting areas in the front yard along with these random patio stones the previous owners used as decorative pieces. I planted 5 flats of flowers (that’s a LOT of flowers!). I ruined my nicely manicured nails. I planted flowers in pots for the front porch and re-potted plants from the house. I spent some quality time in the good ol’ outdoors and soaked up some vitamin D. I barely saw my fiance even though he was actually home most of the weekend. I talked to my mom for 20 minutes about a bush.

I am by no means a great gardener, but I am trying. I learn new things each year. For example, did you know evergreen bushes and trees do better when planted in the fall? I didn’t either – until yesterday. I didn’t get half the things done I wanted to, but my front yard looks really pretty. It was therapeutic for me.

So a little advice for you while you are planning your weddings… Enjoy the time you have and take some time for yourself. Find that item on your to-do list that you really enjoy, but keeps getting pushed to the bottom because of other “more important” duties. Knock it off your list. Don’t let wedding planning take over your life. I am planning multiple weddings right now and I still found time to spend the ENTIRE weekend sitting in the grass (or driveway) playing in the dirt. Your “me” time may not include planting flowers and relocating displaced worms, but as long as you enjoy it that is all that matters.


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