Friday Finds 5.27.11 – Part I

So this first find is not something you can find on the internet. It is a photo of my grandmother and my grandfather, also affectionately know as my Gram and Pap.

It is their wedding day. She was just 16! I am 13 years older getting ready to experience that same joy and wish she were here with me to be a part of my day. That is why I actually got the photo. My Aunt Linda is in town from Georgia and I asked her for a little help digging up some pictures for the memorial photos for the reception. My Gram passed away from cancer when I was just 9 years old. When I saw this photo, I was in awe. They both looked so young (and they were!). The veil she is wearing is gorgeous and her gown was so beautiful. In talking to my Pap about my Gram’s attire, he mentioned that both were still in the attic. I couldn’t believe it! I was stunned that something like that was still around. Stunned and sad. I wish I had known her veil was still in existence. I would have loved to have worn it on my wedding day and I know she would have been so proud for me to have it. But mine has been purchased and paid for and since it is being customized, not returnable.

So from this “find,” I give you advice. Spend some time talking to your family. Your mother, father, aunts and uncles and more importantly, grandparents. They are the ones who would know if something like this is still around and if it would be something you would want to have for your wedding day. I am hoping someday to be the owner of this dress and veil, even if just for display.


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