I truly have some inspiring friends. One of my best friends, biggest supporters and role models decided to take her photography business full-time. Leaving her day job to focus on the things she truly loves. Her business, her photography, and most importantly, her family.

Another of my friends leaves this Saturday for China where she will spend the next seven weeks in a language immersion program. She knows very little of the language, probably only enough to get her from the airport to her living quarters for the next two months. It is part of her graduate program, but through a different university so she doesn’t even know any of the other students meeting her there. Education is something she is truly passionate about and going to a foreign country when she doesn’t even know the language is amazingly brave.

It doesn’t stop there. I have friends who have moved to new cities for a career without fear of not knowing anyone. Friends who truly care more about their family and friends than themselves. Friends who juggle nursing school, a full-time job, and a 1-year-old daughter.

It is things like this that truly inspire me to move forward with my journey as a business owner. Someday, I too will be able to quit my day job and spend every waking moment building my own business, not someone else’s. Someday, I will go to a country where I don’t know the language, at least for a week’s vacation 🙂 Someday, I will have a family to put first above any and all other things. But until that day, I continue to be inspired by my friends and know that someday I will be there too.


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  1. You truely inspire me. You work at 3 jobs, take classes for over a year and still have time for family. That takes a lot of love and motivation. You are an inspiration to others!

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