Vegas Inspiration

I have this friend who has been engaged for about 8 or 9 years. I always tease that I am going to plan a wedding and surprise her with it. I missed a phone call from her last night and I got to thinking. If I really could plan a wedding for her, what would I do? She is a colorful, happy, fun, outgoing, wonderful person. I knew there would have to be bright colors. I originally was thinking a backyard BBQ type of wedding because she is a casual type of person. But that just didn’t seem to fit.

My friend and her fiance met online. Eight or nine years ago, that wasn’t as common as it is now. They always joke that since they met unconventionally, they would have to have an unconventional wedding somewhere like Vegas. Immediately the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign popped into my head. After putting all my thoughts together, I came up with a fun wedding theme that I think would suit their personalities perfectly. It embraces the Vegas theme with class. And the cake was a great find (pat myself on the back) because she is actually quite good at roulette!

While she will remain nameless, she knows who she is. Enjoy!!

Credits (clockwise):
Bouquet, The Knot
Shoes, Manolo Blahnik at Neiman Marcus
Wine Stopper,
Place Card Holders,
Bridesmaid Dress, Alfred Sung Style D470
Necklace, Etsy for BM Jewelry Designs
Ring, Etsy for The Elephant Garden
Vegas Sign
Roulette Cake, Pink Cake Box
Invitations, Rexcraft
Groomsman Suit, J. Crew
Aviators, Banana Republic

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