Friday Finds 4.1.11

One thing I have been kind of dreading is the whole name changing process. I know there are a million places I will have to contact to change my name. After all, I have had this name since I was born! Well now there is a handy-dandy little site, that helps with all of this. The site takes all of your information and auto-completes all of the forms needed to submit your name changing documents. There is a small fee of $29.95. But for those brides who are constantly on the go and have chaotic lives like myself, this is chump change. Anything I can do to make my life easier is alright in my book. This site may not be for everyone, but it will help those who need to make a lot of changes. You can complete all of the forms in advance of the wedding, but cannot submit many without an actual marriage certificate. By the way, they suggest getting a few copies of that so you have it to submit to the institutions who require it for the change to be valid.

Remember, you won’t want to change your name until after your honeymoon if you are traveling where a passport will be required. If your names do not match, photo ID or not, they will not let you on the plane. You do not want to be stuck in an island paradise because they won’t let you back into the US. Oh wait, that actually sounds pretty nice…


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