Furry Family

Lately, I have seen a lot of people incorporating their pets into their wedding. More and more people are living together before marriage and raising a fur baby (or two). I LOVE this idea and have tossed around the idea myself. I think animals make every house a home. I mean, what home is complete without a little dog fur rolling across the hardwood floors? As I thought about whether or not to include our sweet, little (Read: spastic and slobbery) Mia in our wedding, I came up with a few things I think should be considered before making this decision.

First you need to decide how much/little your want your pet to be involved. If you want your pet to play a role in the wedding such as ring bearer or flower girl, then you need to check that the ceremony location allows this before buying a mini-tuxedo. Some locations will not allow pets and you don’t want to get your hopes up if this is not allowed.

You also need to think about PET-tiquette and decide if your pet is well-behaved enough to handle his/her duties. While it would be a great story years down the road if Fluffy ate your rings and your best man had to follow her around until she digested them, it is not going to make you very happy on your big day. You also do not want your pet to be jumping all over people who are dressed up and you have to consider that there might be people who are allergic to pets. After all, the humans are your family too. Even though you might rather have your pet in attendance than some people, your pet won’t hold a grudge.

I know Mia’s presence will not be an option for my ceremony, not because I would be afraid she’d jump on all the guests or run off with our wedding bands (which she would), but because of location. An option is to get photos taken with Mia post-ceremony and pre-reception. There were a number of things I thought about when deciding on a photo shoot with my pooch. First, see the above reasons. She is a spaz. She is slobbery. I am wearing a gown and Joe is in a BLACK tux. She’s fawn-colored. Not a good mix. I know the first thing that would happen is that she would jump on me, rip my dress, then run over to Joey and rub her face all over him and get slobber all over his pants. If this were at the end of the night, maybe I wouldn’t care as much. But considering we have to get through a few more hours, I’d like to continue looking my best.

One last thing to consider is who will take care of your pet while you are getting dressed, taking photos and celebrating with your family. Unless your wedding is taking place in your own backyard, the accommodations of your pet may not be ideal. Someone needs to take care of your pet since it most likely won’t be you.

While your pet is sure to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and you love them like you would your own human child, you need to make considerations when deciding if they should be a part of your big day. We’ve decided this isn’t an option for us as much as we’d love it. I mean, look at this face! Who wouldn’t want her there?!

How have you incorporated your pet(s) into your wedding?


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