Friday Finds 2.4.11

As many of you might know from reading previous blog posts, I have been trying to get fit before my wedding. I already have lost a ton of weight and have been really trying to get to a point where I feel good about myself and am excited to put on my bikini for my honeymoon. I found this great article, 3-Month Wedding Prep Fitness Plan for Brides, from The Wedding Channel which proves even up to 3 months before the wedding you can start your fitness program. It gives you tips on diet, cardio and strength training. Afterall, it is all about being well-rounded. And I’m not talking about your physical body shape. I am going to start the program soon, even though I am more than 3 months out, and hope to see some results. I’ll report back on my progress!

Oh and one more tip – get yourself a workout buddy. I know I always do so much better when I have someone to report directly to on my progress or someone to make me get off the couch when I feel like sitting there catching up on my shows on the DVR. You can recruit your MOH, mom or fiance to be your buddy and motivator. It’ll do them good too 🙂


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