If you know me, you know that I LOVE shoes. I have a lot of them. My wedding shoes were the one piece of my attire of which I was willing to spend some money. Now, I wasn’t willing to go into the thousands, but a few hundred would have been ok with me. I know I always feel amazing when I have a good pair of shoes on. I have found my shoes. Well, I hope I have. One of my besties and bridesmaid found a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s that were exactly what I was looking for – the right color of blue, peep-toe and adorable 🙂 The problem was they were $715. Ouch.

So one night while celebrating a Steelers’ win against the Baltimore Ravens, I found this website that had them for $178. It seemed legit at the time, so I ordered them. That was almost 2 weeks ago. I still have yet to see them and I am slightly nervous that they will either never come and I will have to battle for 50 weeks to get my money back or they will steal my credit card number and charge it up. I’ll keep you posted on whether I get them, whether they are real, and whether my credit card balance mysteriously increases. Ok, well the last one happens sometimes, but that is usually when I am in denial and out shopping.

Even though I have already *hopefully* purchased the shoes of my dreams, I still enjoy looking. “Window” shopping for shoes online is like my chocolate. So I thought I would share a pair. I might consider these if my Manolo’s turn out to be Munolo’s.

I love the detailing and decoration. Plus, they can be dyed any color to match your gown or to give you that pop of color to add some funk to your get-up. They can be found at My Glass Slipper, which is one of my favorites for looking at pretty, designer wedding shoes.


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