2011 Resolutions

This year has been a whirlwind. It has been filled with good things, like getting engaged (!!!) and finally going for it and starting my business. But it has also been filled with many bad. I am hoping to make 2011 one of the best in my life. I have decided to make lots of resolutions in different areas of my life. I have decided to write about them here because it isn’t quite as easy to blow them off if other people know about them. Hehe…

I have some personal resolutions that I’d like to either start or continue. I started taking better care of myself last year by working out and eating right. I had no reason to put it off any longer seeing how I have an entire gym in my basement. I started by using the elliptical three times a week. In June, I took did fitness boot camp for a month. When that was over, I started running three miles three times a week. Though some time constraints have hindered my progress later this year, I still run as often as I can usually no less than twice a week. I have also really changed my diet and have become more conscious of what I eat. I have lost about 16 pounds, but more importantly I feel great about myself. I feel like I have really followed through with my 2010 resolutions. So my personal goals for this year are 1) to continue to eat healthy and work out; 2) run the Race for a Cure; and 3) run a 10k by the end of 2011.

I also want to make a few changes in my relationships with others. I have really made a conscious effort this year to be a better friend and future wife. It is sad to say that I need to make a conscious effort. But in all honesty, I just have so much going on that sometimes I need to stop and think about what type of person I have been. I take out stress on Joey and ignore phone calls from friends. In reality, the people who love you should still love you in spite of these things. My point is they shouldn’t have to put up with that. I love Joey and I love my friends and family. Therefore, my resolution in regards to my friends and family is to show them how much they mean to me – whether it be a random greeting card, a quick text saying hi or planning a weekend trip to visit those who are out-of-town. After all, these are the people who have made me who I am and are always there to support me. I should let them know how much that means to me.

Lastly, I need to make some goals for my business. I have finally made the push to get started and book my first clients. How dumb would I be to just let that slip through my fingers? I don’t really think you want to hear ALL of my goals. There are a ton. Really. A ton. I have a long way to go before I can afford to have a short goal list. So I’ll list some basics for you. For your reading pleasure, I will be making an honest effort to blog at least once a week. It is never a matter of not having something to talk about. It’s always just taking the time to do it. Which brings me to my next resolution – I will spend more time building my business. I will continue doing research, making contacts with vendors and learning more about the field. I also plan to organize my home office to allow me to have a space to focus. Ok, so that one might just be a ploy to get a new desk and paint the office, but it is still a good one 🙂 I think those are a good overview of what my plan is for the year, but by no means is that an exhaustive list.

I apologize if this post wasn’t the most interesting or helpful that I’ve written. If you already know me, you’ll know about my love for making lists. If you don’t know me, you’ll soon know about this little issue. This is a new take on making a list. We’ll see how many of these things I can cross off before the beginning of 2012.

I hope your year is full of happiness and fun. But I’m curious… what are some of your resolutions for the upcoming year?


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