J. Verno Studios

I recently went with a bride to J. Verno Studios. She had found this place online and it had just the feel she wanted for her reception location. It is a photography studio located in the South Side on Jane Street. I was quite hesitant about this location because her wedding guest list is topping at about 330 people. I could not think of any locations in the South Side that could possibly be large enough to hold that many people sitting. I’ve also been in a number of places in the South Side and was not sure how updated the interior of this place would be. When I drove up to the building, I saw a large warehouse with a small front door and stoop. Again, I was a little nervous that we had wasted a trip. Once the bride and groom showed up, we went to the front door and hit the buzzer… nothing. So we wandered over to the “back” entrance where we had seen some staff members unloading trucks for the wedding that was going to take place later that evening. We found one of the staff who was willing to take us on the tour. See, we had made an appointment, but because the owner of the studio was the photographer for the wedding and was unavailable to guide us on the tour.

As soon as we walked in the door, all of my hesitation went right back out. This place was HUGE and beautiful. The main room where the dinner would take place was set for 180 people and there was plenty of room for more. The dance floor was large and lighting was amazing. One big bonus was that the colored lighting used for ambience that is so popular currently, is included in the rental fee. This is something that is typically an additional fee and usually needs to be set by a professional company. However, since this is a large photography studio, the lighting was already installed.

The studio is designed to give the look and feel of a home. Apparently, the studio has been used to film television shows. There is a small kitchen off the corner of the reception area, which is usually used for a food station. There is also another kitchen for food prep that is a little more hidden so your guests don’t get to see behind the scenes prep of their food. While having a chef prepare pasta in front of your guests can be an exciting show, salads and soups are a little more boring.

Moving past the reception hall, there were two large rooms for cocktails. Again, lighting gave the whole room an ambience that was unmistakably old Hollywood. With a little more exploration, we found that was exactly the theme of the incoming wedding that evening. It truly is amazing what a little lighting can do for a venue.

Overall, this venue really wowed me. Below are a few photos I found on the internet. You really do HAVE to check out the website as well. This place is truly a fantastic venue.


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