It’s a nice day for a white wedding

Imagine this…

You go in for an appointment at a bridal salon to find that perfect dress. After trying on say, oh I don’t know 100 or so different dresses, you find the most spectacular thing you have ever laid your eyes on (except for your future husband, of course). It is a gorgeous white(ish?) gown with just the right amount of embellishment and shimmer. You cry. Your bridesmaids cry. Your mom cries. You purchase it and wait very impatiently for the gown to come in. About 6 weeks before the wedding (yes, that is when you should start alterations), you get fitted and a few days before the wedding you finally pick up the dress of your dreams. You sneak peeks at it through the garment bag for the last few days until that wonderful day when you finally get to put your dress on for longer than 30 minutes. You have the perfect shoes and accessories and truly feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. You make the long walk down the aisle, nerves a wreck. A little while later, you are pronounced a Mrs. You stand in the receiving line waiting to greet your loving family and friends following the ceremony and then *gasp!* you see it… a woman wearing a white dress.

Now, some brides may not have the same feelings on this subject as me. I have seen weddings where the bride and groom ask all of the guests to dress in white because it is part of their theme or the ambiance they want for their big day. I have known some brides who have given the OK on wearing white. And that is fine… for them. For me, I would die if someone showed up in a white dress. This is a well-known fact amongst my family and friends. I would even say wearing any shade of color close to white is a no-no. That means even light gold, beige, tan, etc. Even wearing a mostly white dress with colored designs slightly crosses the line. There are many other colors that can be chosen for your dress when attending a wedding. And to be completely honest, it is HARD to find a cute, white cocktail dress.

With that said, ladies, avoid wearing white to another woman’s wedding. It is an unwritten rule, but one that most people know. Even men knows this rule (we were at a wedding recently and Joey said, “Why is that woman wearing a white dress?!”). You can wear that dress to any other event, so keep it in your closet for that wedding!


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