Yo’ Mama!

In the past few weeks, we’ve been on the search for mother of the bride/groom gowns. Some mothers are very conservative and like the traditional MOB/G gowns – long, floor-length gowns with a lace jacket to cover shoulders and arms. And there are some beautiful gowns like this, but they are not suiting for everyone. This is the case with my mom and my FMIL. While they do not want to be showing the goods to everyone, they want to look sexy and sophisticated. I don’t blame them! If I look as good as they do, I’ll want to do the same for my future child(ren?)’s wedding. I did give them some guidelines on what they can/cannot wear. Come on, every bride has the right to be restrictive if she wants. The key is to be reasonable about it. My guidelines were 1) the dress cannot show anymore cleavage than my own, which is not much if any and 2) It cannot be any shade of white, off-white, light gold, beige, tan, etc. This is a no-no and a whole other blog post. I also hold the right to veto any pick. Let’s be serious, I am not a bridezilla despite my need for constant control and OCD about our wedding. I don’t want my bridal party to wear ugly dresses because I want them to look worse than me, like I have heard some brides do. It’s my own fault I have beautiful friends and mothers. I picked ’em.

It turned out our search lead us to bridesmaids dresses in order to find the kind of MOB/G gowns we were looking. To me, this is sad. Don’t designers know that not all mothers want matronly, conservative gowns? Regardless, we have found a few gowns that we felt were appropriate for MOB/Gs and gave them the true sexy, elegance they deserve. For your viewing pleasure…

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  1. Ok I admit it, this has to be one of my favorite Blogs. But OF COURSE, NO ONE will outshine you on your day.

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