Save the Ta-Tas

October is breast cancer awareness month. About 6 years ago, I lost someone because of breast cancer. She was my high school sweetheart’s mother. Karla was a wonderful woman. Always willing to do anything and everything for me. She loved me. And I loved her. Her son and I had broken up during my freshman year in college, but she and I still talked on the phone here and there just to catch up. She didn’t care that things did not work out with her son and I. When I heard the news that she had breast cancer, we hadn’t spoken for a while. Things had gotten in the way. Things such as life. I thought, “No problem. She is tough. She’ll get through this.” And she did. She beat the breast cancer. However, it was too late. The cancer had already metastasized to her brain. When I heard she was back in the hospital, I was devastated. I regret to this day letting life get in the way and not getting the chance to tell her I loved her. I never had the chance to say goodbye to her, but I know that she looks down on me and says things like, “Go for it, Nicole. I know you can do this” and “What are you thinking? Don’t be stupid.” She was very blunt and said it how it was. One of my favorite qualities in her. While the final cause of death may not have been listed as breast cancer, it was absolutely a main contributor. My main message for this post is to be self-aware. Check yourself and get mammograms regularly. This is something that CAN be beat. You just want to catch it too in time. For more information on breast cancer, please check out the Susan G. Komen website.

I did not start out writing this post to be a downer (I know I teared up writing it). I actually hadn’t even planned on writing about Karla. It just kind of came out. The unfortunate thing is that more people are touched by this disease than me. In fact, there are millions who have been affected in some way. There are quite a few ways to keep breast cancer survivors and those who have lost the battle in your hearts and minds at your wedding. The favors (shown below in the board) are actually plantable cards. These favors can be planted in a garden in memory of a loved one who may have had breast cancer. You can also create your own cards with a note on the back saying that a donation has been made in the guests’ name to breast cancer research. You would then designate a specific amount per guest to donate. Another way to raise money toward this cause at your wedding would be to turn the Money Dance into a collection to be put toward the cause. These are just a few ideas of how to give back at your wedding. What other ideas do you have??

Here is my inspiration board in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Enjoy and be sure to leave comments with your ideas!!

If you would like to donate to the Karla J. Nease Foundation, please contact me and I will get you the information.


2 Responses

  1. This post was quite unexpected but very moving. I think all of us have been touched by cancer in some way. It’s always a good thing to remember those special people in our lives. Especially those who have gone before us.

    The idea to include some kind of donation at a wedding is unique and thoughtful. “You go girl”

  2. At our wedding in 2003, instead of favors we made a donation to Susan G. Komen. We placed pink chocolate roses on the tables with notecards indicating the donation.

    Felt good to do something helpful.

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