Rain, Rain Go Away

The past two days in Pittsburgh have been rainy, dreary and chilly. As I have mentioned to many people, I am boycotting fall. It can’t possibly be time for pumpkin patches and apple cider yet! Although, that does sound good. I feel like the summer has gone by too quickly, but that’s what we get for being completely pummeled by our busy weekends. However, the weather was the inspiration for this post. They say, rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck and a long happy marriage. I say, that’s crap. It very well may be good luck, but no one wants to worry about getting mud on their wedding dress, the bridesmaids’ heels sinking into the ground during pictures or the groomsmen splashing each other in a puddle. Since the weather is something that not even weather forecasters can predict sometimes (especially in the late spring or early fall), what/how should you be prepared for a wedding that falls during these unpredictable seasons?

How to safeguard yourself:
1. Rain boots – You know, the vinyl ones that we all wore as kids that are now back in style? If you are nervous about rain because the weatherman is saying there is a 90% chance, you might want to grab a pair of rain boots. One of my best friends got married in February and rather than risking ruining her wedding shoes, I bought her a pair of light blue rain boots from Target. They were $25 and were perfect for the snowy weather. I suggest grabbing a pair of these if the weatherman is calling for rain a week before the wedding. You can get express shipping if you need to or can purchase them as a back-up plan in case Mother Nature doesn’t have the same vision of a warm, sunny day on your big day. You can always return them if you need to! Oh and they are still cute after the wedding too. You can find them online here.

2. Umbrellas – Ideally, the rain will come only during the ceremony (as long as it is inside). Then, it will clear up before heading out for photos and the reception. Then you’ll have the good luck and not have to worry about getting wet. Ideally. If your luck is anything like mine, it would wait until the photos to start a torrential downpour. So umbrellas are the most obvious solution. Regular umbrellas will always work, but why not turn them into an accessory for the photo shoot? I like the clear dome umbrellas seen here. However, if you are worried about that tiny little dome covering your entire gown, a white golf umbrella (here) would be an alternate option.

3. Shawls – If it is unseasonably cold, you may want to consider buying the bridesmaids or yourself a shawl. It’s like a blanket you can wear. No, not a snuggie please! Here is a site where you can find a bunch of different colors. This is a nice way of having your bridesmaids match and not have to worry about being cold the day of your wedding. It is also hard to find something that goes with the gowns and is dressy enough to be seen in photos. And it’s a nice keepsake for them for after the wedding.

4. Pack Makeup – You will most likely stay under a unbrella. But just in case you get a little bit wet, make sure you have makeup, hairspray and bobby pins handy. Pack them up in a waterproof bag for easy travel. You’ll most likely have back-ups for makeup anyway to touch up after those tears of happiness, so this may not be any additional trouble.

How to safeguard your party:
1. Rent a Tent – If your ceremony or reception is outdoors, contact an event rental company to get a tent to cover the nuptials. While you may dream of open, blue skies, this may not be ideal if the clouds open up on you. Even if it isn’t raining, it might be scorching hot. So you may want to consider giving your guests some cover so they can actually enjoy the party without layering on the sunblock.

2. Alternate locations – Check with your venue to make sure there is a back-up location where the event can be held. If there is not, see #1. You’ll also want to ask about any fees associated with using the alternate location. You may want to consider spending the extra deposit fee if your wedding falls during one of those crazy unpredictable months. If you don’t use it, you are out the money. But if you need it, it is there.

While I hope the rain only happens from 12:00am until 12:01am on your wedding day (to give you that good luck of course), I think it’s best to be prepared for the unpredictable!


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