Ridgeview Acres Farm

Yesterday, I went to Ridgeview Acres Farm. It is located between Donegal (right off the PA turnpike) and Ligonier. I had a meeting with a bride in the morning and she had an appointment with them a little later that morning. I was happy to tag along for the appointment because I am always up for finding great vendors to use. She had come across their booth at the Ligonier Country Market and fell in love with their work. The owners, Bob and Sally, have lived in Bob’s family farm for the last 17 years. They were previously commuting from Cincinnati to help keep the farm in the family and finally decided to make it their daily work and make the move. They started out growing vegetables to sell and slowly started growing flowers that they would cut and sell in bouquets at local markets. This has evolved into a much larger production and they now prepare floral for a few weddings a month. The greatest thing about them is that they grow all their own flowers. They do use wholesalers now and then to provide those exotic flowers that they cannot grow or flowers in the winter months that they are not able to keep in their three greenhouses.

We met with Bob. He was great and really friendly. The appointment lasted about 2 hours because he went through and described past weddings and gave his opinion on how they felt the arrangements turned out for them. It was interesting to see how they design. Most of the arrangements are different, so no two centerpieces are the same. They use a lot of color and really give you that unintentionally beautiful look. In all honesty, I was nervous at first. I didn’t think this was the right type of florist for my bride. She had a very specific color scheme in mind and wanted something a little more uniform. However, Bob had won us both over in the end. We talked more about what she wanted the color scheme we wanted to stick with for the flowers and he was more than willing to work with us. I truly believe the centerpieces will turn out beautiful. They will each be unique and definitely a conversation piece. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I knew as soon as I left that this wonderful business needed to be shared. Make sure you check out their wedding info here!


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