Vintage Peacock Wedding

I recently offered my wedding coordination services to a friend from high school. She was my big sister in cheerleading and always a spunky, fun person. I asked her what she envisioned for her wedding and was very excited when she told me what she had in mind. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. She had originally wanted a peacock theme but then found a picture of a wedding cake that she fell in love with. The cake had light yellow and green flowers with a bird’s nest as a topper and simple green ribbons lining each layer. It is a beautiful cake. So I started doing some research. I decided to go with two different color schemes and let her choose which one she liked better. Then, as I was flipping around online, I found the perfect centerpiece that combined the yellow and green with the peacock, something I never thought would work. Then, I found the most handy little tool online to date – an online inspiration board creator. This is something I had planned to create for each bride so they could visualize what I had envisioned. However, you can imagine my excitement when I found one that I can create online and send to my brides via email. It is through the Dessy Group and they also allow you to post your inspiration board to your blog. So after a very exciting hour, I give you Vintage Peacock wedding 🙂

Larissa & Jason – 9/10/11 : PANTONE WEDDING Styleboard : The Dessy Group.


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