So last night I had my first “nightmare” about my wedding. I told you, I am crazy and OCD about things like this! I say “nightmare” because it was scary during my dream, but quite funny when I think back on it. Oh and let me tell you, when I dream I dream very vividly and in color. So here was my dream:

One day, I was happily planning away with 324 days to go (yep, that’s where I am right now!). But then the next day came and it was the day before our wedding. I was without veil and went to the shop to get it. I found the perfect one with the perfect amount of embellishment and the perfect color to match my gown. I was thrilled! Then, I realized that I was getting married the next day. I started crying hysterically. Not because I was scared to get married, but because I hadn’t finished my plans. When I found out we had not yet booked a place for a rehearsal dinner, I completely flipped out and started yelling at anyone and everyone around me. After all, this was supposed to take place that very evening. Of course I was horrified at the thought of not having a rehearsal, but everyone around me assured me that everyone would know what to do the next day. I started to calm down and then in the blink of an eye (literally, it was just like a continuous day), it was the morning and the first person I saw was Joey. Again, I started getting nervous because we had broken tradition.

*Side bar – I think this is a cute tradition and one I definitely want to keep for my wedding day. I want the first time he sees me that day to be when I am walking down the aisle to become his wife 🙂 But that is a completely separate post that I may get to later*

The next thing I knew I was getting dressed and doing my hair myself because I hadn’t yet booked a stylist (which is true, I am still working on that). I wasn’t particularly concerned about my hair because I knew this amazing veil would be covering most of it anyway. I don’t remember much about the actual ceremony, but all of a sudden, we were married. We couldn’t figure out where to have photos taken, so everyone disappeared. The next thing I knew, I was trying to gather our wedding party for photos and it was 8:30pm. The cocktail hour was supposed to start at 6:00pm and dinner at 7:00ish. So I was mortified that I had kept my guests waiting for us for over an hour. Needless to say, I decided to forgo photos and go straight to the reception so we could get the party started. Then, I woke up…

I know, crazy dream. I remember waking up right after that and thinking how horrible it was. I went back to sleep and it was one of those dreams that continued where it left off, but I really don’t remember much about the subsequent dreams. There were multiple because I woke up a few times after that and fell back asleep. Now that I look back on the dream, I find it hilarious. I am a dork and I know it.

The thing is – even though I am ahead of the game and have way more checked off my list than many brides do at this point in the planning, I still worry about things. Brides want their big day to be perfect and many have thought about their weddings since they were little girls. Regardless of how organized or detail oriented they are in the planning, they will always be slightly worried that something will go wrong. And most likely, something will go wrong. Whether it be a button falling off your gown or the bride getting lost in neighborhoods she grew up in while trying to drive to the hotel to get dressed before the ceremony all because she was so nervous about her big day (yes, this happened to a very good friend of mine), something can always happen. The only thing you can do is to be as prepared as possible and surround yourself with bridesmaids, family and friends who want to make your day perfect. They are your support system through all of this. You can hire a wedding coordinator to help with these things too (I had to throw that in there, and yes, I am for hire :)) But ultimately, as long as you walk down that aisle and marry the love of your life, you should be happy. Keep this in mind when the little things frustrate or worry you. I know I will.


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