I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!

Since most of my wedding planning is complete, with the exception of a DJ (which is in the works!), honeymoon and the minor details (b-maids dresses, tuxes, etc.), I have been focusing a lot on accessories and beauty for the big day. When you think about it, there is really quite a bit of detail that goes into making the bride beautiful on her big day. I am lucky and have already found the gown of my dreams. But I still have jewelry, a purse, shoes, nails, hair piece and/or veil, hair style, and makeup to figure out. I search almost every day for Tiffany blue wedding shoes that suit my taste – slightly funky and not necessarily something made just for a wedding. Oh, and 3″ or under unless I can rent a stretching machine for my wonderful fiance 🙂 I am also having a hard time narrowing down my jewelry options because of coloring and finding something that will go well with my gown. I have found a TON of jewelry and shoes that I like, but they are just not perfect. I have found that Etsy is one of my favorite new sites. They have a number of vendors selling everything from earrings to purses to flowers for your hair.

I have also begun the torturous task of hunting for makeup artists and hair stylists who will come to the Mansion to make myself and all of my wonderful bridesmaids even more beautiful. Many seem to have a minimum on how many people they have to see in order to come to the location. And for many hair stylists, they do not want to come to the location at all because Saturday mornings are busy in the salons as well. Not that I can blame them for not wanting to miss out on making money!

I already know I want my makeup to be natural looking because I usually don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean I want to look like I do everyday! You would also be surprised that I cannot find a good picture of how I want my hair. I look at celebs from their red carpet pics but never see a good one from the back. The front is nice and all, but come on people, turn around! It is just a matter of finding the right picture to capture the exact hair style. The other reassuring fact is that I will get a trial run for both hair and makeup to ensure I am getting what I want. I’ll be sure to take pictures so that I can look back and analyze. After all, with the wedding planning almost complete, I am not going to have anything else to obsess over soon.

And pre-wedding fitness, well that’s just another story all together.

Am I just going crazy or does every bride obsess over these things? Joey – do not answer that. I know what your answer will be!


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