Center of Attention

I have been thinking a lot about centerpieces lately. I know exactly the style I am looking for when it comes to my own wedding. I don’t really want a large blob of flowers. I love the look of a “branchy” centerpiece. Here are two pictures from The Knot I showed my florist at our meeting.

Now, I don’t know what I am getting because as I mentioned in my previous post about my meeting with my florist. I have relinquished my hold on that and am letting him run with it. While I already know what I am envisioning for my own wedding, I keep thinking of other possibilities. So besides flowers, what can be used as a centerpiece. Well, my answer to that is anything. Literally, there is a way to make ANYTHING into a beautiful centerpiece.

I had responded to a post on WeddingBook about a baseball themed wedding with the idea to use wheat grass in a rectangle-shaped planter. This would work best on long rectangle tables. However, just changing the planter to something circular. You should consider what the table shape is before chosing any centerpiece to make sure it is cohesive.

Another WeddingBook response I sent was for a bride on a budget. Her colors were lime green and black. Again, the wheat grass would work for this, but I had offered the idea of using green apples. This would be adorable if done properly. Stacking the apples (cleaned and shined up of course) in a pyramid on a pedestal, silver cake stand or a milk glass bowl would really make a statement AND be very inexpensive to put together. Worried the apples will roll off the table in the middle of the reception? No need, you can place toothpicks in the apples to ensure they stay in place all night. Another spin on this would be to use lemons, plums, grapes or any other fruit that would match your color scheme. Using sugared fruits combined with a few votive candles would add a little shimmer to the centerpiece. It is pretty easy to make this centerpiece if you are a DIY bride. I found this recipe here and it looks super easy!

Another centerpiece that I have seen recently has incorporated feathers. I was watching Four Weddings, a favorite of mine on TLC, and a bride used hot pink feathers in lieu of flowers. So they can be included in arrangements with flowers or stand-alone. It obviously depends on the color scheme of the wedding, but one option that I think peacock feathers are an interesting twist. I did find a few websites that sell feathers (peacock, ostrich, and many other types) in a variety of different colors and sizes. For a bride looking for a very whimsical vibe to their wedding day, feathers set a light and romantic mood. Just be sure to keep any candles far away from the feathers!

There are a lot of brides who are looking for a Tuscan-inspired wedding. Recycle a few of those empty wine bottles to serve as candle holders with some taper candles. My suggestion would be to tie together 3 bottles per table with some thin rope. Place the bottle trio on a large serving platter surrounded by grapes and even cheese and meats. Not only will this be a great centerpiece, but your cocktail and hors d’oeuvre hour can continue right to the dinner tables.

One of these days I promise to gather up all of the materials needed to create these centerpieces and when I do, I will be sure to take photos and upload them. I just had so much in my head, I wanted to get it out before I forgot about them!


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  1. Just happened to be on Martha Stewart’s website… I guess great minds think alike!!

    • Again, on Martha Stewart Weddings website and guess what one of the articles was titled… Center of Attention. Again, great minds think alike. No, I am not into insider trading.

  2. […] you I would do it! Jump to Comments A few weeks back, I posted a few of my ideas for non-floral centerpieces and said that I would get the materials to bring those centerpieces to bring them to life. Well, I […]

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