Always a bridesmaid…

Ok, I know my time is coming, which is the only reason I am not complaining too much. Memorial Day weekend was not just a time to celebrate and remember all the veterans that so bravely served our country. It also happened to be the wedding weekend for one of my closest friends. Nikki Reihl and her fiance (who just so happens to be in a bromance with my fiance) tied the knot on Sunday. We could not have asked for better weather. It was sunny and 80 degrees. Luckily for the bridesmaids, I found this cute little black, knee-length halter dress that just so happened to be exactly what the bride was picturing us in.

Here is a picture of all the beautiful ladies who were there to support Nikki on her big day 🙂

The wedding was at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Wexford. No, not the one in Gibsonia that we passed and I immediately called the groom to ask if he had passed up his own church. As you can see if you went to the link (sorry, I am horrible with photos so I don’t have one to add), it is the cutest little church! It has such a quaint, family feel that makes you feel like you are right at home there. Reverend Fred was awesome. He has known the Eshenbaugh family for years and was sure to mention some of John’s more embarrassing developmental periods in life. He also was able to bring the groom to tears by mentioning how proud his grandparents would be of him. Obviously, I was also brought to tears along with most of the other guests. He also really embraced Nikki as a new part of the Eshenbaugh family which I am sure meant a lot to both the Eshenbaugh’s and Reihl’s.

Following the ceremony, the new Mr. & Mrs. exited the church to the sound of bagpipes. I ABSOLUTELY love the bagpipes and can’t fight the goosebumps every time I hear them. There was a receiving line for the bride and groom only (which I highly recommend since many of your guests do not know the entire bridal party). When they emerged from the church, thousands of bubbles surrounded them. It was truly beautiful. John is such a lucky guy to have captured Nikki’s heart. She is a gem and one of the best friends a girl could ask for.

We stopped to do photos at The Village at St. Barnabas. Yes, I know. Sounds odd that we took photos at a retirement home, but they were gorgeous! You can see a few photos here taken by the famous Jen McKen. As you can tell, I have refered her to ALL of my friends which is why when she makes it big, she will let me be her assistant or carry her stuff or something. We almost had a mass murder of tiny little frogs, but John’s niece, Abby, stopped us all from moving before anyone could get hurt.

The reception was at Hampton Banquet Hall, which did a fabulous job with everything. From the food, to the cookie display, to the cake… Everything was wonderful! Of course, the favors were creative and fun. Nikki and John wanted a candy buffet to remind all of their guests of their childhood, which I’d have to say was a huge success considering most of the candy jars were empty by the time the bridal party even got there. But not to worry, there was plenty to replenish them! As our gift to the bride at her shower, the bridesmaids also paid for the photo booth that Nikki had wanted so badly. The photo booth almost got cut from the “needs” category, but we all knew how much she really wanted one. We rented it from Red Eye Photo Booths. Believe me when I say that everyone enjoyed taking goofy photos in the booth including the photographer!! You can view all of the photos here.

If you want to view more photos from the wedding, check out Jen McKen’s blog here.


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