Bridesmaid Dress Woes

I was just in another wedding. Yep, that is 3 within the last 10 months. Luckily, that is the last one I am in for a while. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being a part of my friends’ special day. I am truly honored that I would be chosen as a bridesmaid. However, my wallet is definitely hurting after being in 3 in a row. This post is more of a venting session than anything.

Despite my tendency to get things done early, I procrastinated on getting the alterations for my last bridesmaids dress, which was super cute by the way. A cute little black, halter that hit right below the knee. It was perfect for the 80 degree weather we had. When I was getting fitted for the dress, I knew what size I wanted to order before they actually measured me. I had tried on another dress by the same designer when we were dress hunting. This dress fit me perfectly. So I tracked down that dress and checked the size. When they compared my measurements to the chart, they wanted me to order a dress that was 4 sizes larger than that one! I argued and they said that the dresses tend to come in smaller. Since I had been in 2 other weddings and had ordered the same size for both of them, I knew what size I wanted. I ended up going with a dress that was one size bigger than what I wanted to order.

When the dress came in, it was waaay too big. Now granted, I did lose some weight. But not that much! I literally had 2 inches taken in around the chest and 5 1/2 from the hem at the bottom (sometimes the bottom hem can’t be avoided because they are standard lengths, but that is something to ask about). If they had let me order the dress size I had wanted and had fit me at the time, my alterations may not have come out to cost $90.

So to all you brides and bridesmaids out there: When you are purchasing bridesmaids dresses, try to find a dress by the same designer that fits you and order that size. I know some stores only carry the “common” sizes – 6-12. The dresses do run slightly smaller when ordered because the sample dresses are a little stretched out from tons of people trying them on, so keep that in mind. But if you are able to find one that fits, you can save yourself a lot of money in alterations. Another tip: Even if you do plan on having the bridal shop do the alterations, tell them you have someone else to do it. They won’t push as hard to get you to order a larger size.


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