Linens and flowers and videographers… Oh My!

I just went to see the Wizard of OZ at Heinz Hall, hence the title. I had my first vendor appointments on April 13th. We have a few companies that are exclusive vendors of The Mansion – La Creme Catering, Mosaic, Inc., DesignSpace, and All Occasions Rentals. Our appointments that day were with Mosaic and DesignSpace. Let me just tell you what a great experience I had! I was a little nervous at first that I couldn’t choose my own vendors. So far, I am very pleased. The customer service and personalities of Stacey (Mosaic) and Bill (DesignSpace) was above par. I really enjoyed our appointments and am getting even more excited about the wedding. I had a ton of ideas of how I wanted to have the tables look and the centerpieces and now I really feel like I am really able to picture it.

I had back-up for the day from my FMIL (future mother-in-law, for those of you new to the shortened versions) since it is always good to have someone else’s input. I went into Mosaic thinking that having all Tiffany Blue linens on the tables would be a bit bright. So I was looking more toward using runners and napkins to add the color. Stacey showed us the “base model” and both of us knew that was not quite going to do it. Then she showed us the Tiffany Blue and black lamour linens. Now that is what I am talking about! If you are not familiar with fabric types, as I was not, it is a satin-y linen with some shine, but not quite as much as a straight silk. My original thought was to use the black linens with Tiffany blue runners. Then we thought about alternating black and blue tables. Stacey threw a Tiffany blue linen over the table and then showed me the black by just laying it over the one side. As we were standing there discussing, I couldn’t help but stare. I just loved the Tiffany blue with that contrast of black. It was really sharp. I am pretty sure I interrupted because I hadn’t really been listening to what anyone else was saying and said I really liked the look of the black over the blue and that was that. My original idea that the Tiffany blue was too much went right out the window. We decided on Tiffany blue tablecloths with black napkins. We will have red napkin rings to add that pop of red I wanted. Stacey suggested that we use ribbon rather than rent their napkin rings because they did not have the color red that we were looking for. Later in the day, my FMIL and I went to Pat Catan’s to look for some ribbon and ended up finding many other crafts to try for the wedding. But that is another story.

The second appointment was with Bill at DesignSpace. We had a little difficulty finding the shop. It is located on Baum Blvd., but there wasn’t a big sign to call attention to the door. So, we passed it the first time. On our second loop, we did find it. Honestly, the only bad thing about this appointment was the 3 flights of stairs we had to climb to get up to the showroom. We sat down and immediately got down to business. He asked the usual questions like, “What are your colors? What is your budget? How many bridesmaids? Groomsman? Parents?” etc. I really had no idea what to expect at this appointment because I had never gone to one before. I pulled out all the pictures I had printed of centerpieces I liked. He didn’t even ask me to see anything. I showed him anyway, but he didn’t really ask to see them. One HUGE bonus was that he works so closely with Mosaic and All Occasions Rentals that he actually had a sample of all of the dishes and linens they carry. His last question was, “What are your favorite flowers?” Then he said he’d get together a quote and once that was finalized, he’d do a full table mock-up with the centerpieces, linens, and place settings. This made me super excited. I think this is such a nice touch and really allows the bride to get a true picture of how her reception will look. At first, I was a little sad that we didn’t talk more about what the centerpieces will look like, but then I realized that I know very little about flowers. This is his business. He knows flowers like the back of his hand. While there was a little difficulty letting go of control over this, I feel good about it. And I can’t wait to see the mock-up.

Overall, our day went pretty smoothly. I am just so excited to see what it will all look like together, but at least I have a better picture in my head. One other detail I was able to firm up was our videographer, Justin Yeckley of Iron City Productions. He is a close family friend of Joey’s. I had never really wanted a videographer for my wedding because I couldn’t really picture when it would be watched. I mean, no one wants to sit through an hour or more of wedding vows and people saying, “congratulations!” Then, I saw my friend Will’s video from his Central Park wedding last year. Now, he had worked for NBC in the past and his videographer still worked for NBC, so clearly he is pretty talented. It was just a short, ten minute montage of the ceremony, reception and clips of an interview with the bride and groom done the day before the wedding. Unfortunately for Will and Jennie, it had rained on their ceremony, but the way the clips were cut made it so adorable and really made light of the rainy day. Since that point, I only wanted a videographer who could do something like that or no videographer at all. Luckily for me, Justin said this was no problem.

So just a few details down, but in my mind they are pretty big details and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Now on to find a bakery, DJ and limo…


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  1. Wow, you can’t even give me props for the color schemes. You do know that I orginally picked the black to go with the Tiffany blue linens, right? There’s some shady business going on here!!!

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