Yes, I quoted Fergie. That is how I am going to feel on my wedding day because I just booked an awesome photographer. Erica Hilliard was a suggestion from my bestest, Jen McKen. Unfortunately, I cannot take advantage of her skills, but I do trust her judgment. I was really impressed with the photos on Erica’s blog. We met on Sunday to go over a few things. She showed us a few more photos while we were there and both of us were blown away. We really loved her work. It is not the usual posey-posey work. It really captured personalities and the moment. Neither one of us thinks we are photogenic – but then again, who does think of themselves that way? She offers a complimentary engagement session with her package, which is a great idea to allow for the couple to become familiar with her style and how she works. We will be completely comfortable for the day of the wedding because we will know her a little better.

Not only are we doing an engagement session with Erica, but we also booked one with Jen. I couldn’t let her get away without taking any photos for us! It is going to be a blast. There are a ton of really great locations where we can do photos. It would take all day to get to all of the cool spots. So we will have one day with Jen in the South Hills and one day with Erica elsewhere. I was thinking of La Casa Narcissi Winery in Gibsonia for a session with Erica and maybe Armstrong Farms in Saxonburg as well. I am going to have to look into this more. I also think Phipps would be awesome, but they charge $350 for a 45 minute session. I think that seems high, but they do put a ton of work into maintaining the facility. I am unsure if the winery or farm charge, but I will definitely research it! There would be some really interesting backdrops for photos in these places.

I am finally able to enjoy the planning aspect because the level of anxiety is VERY low. The date and places are set. Now I just get to work on the details. After all, presentation is everything.


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