The Little Black Dress (LBD) is the absolute most famous piece of clothing in any woman’s wardrobe. After searching for many bridesmaids dresses with my two best friends for their weddings, I decided that I would be choosing the LBD as my bridesmaids dresses. What else would be better than a knee length dress for a summer wedding? I do not want a black and white wedding, but I think with a simple LBD, there is so much you can do to make it fit in your wedding and then your bridesmaids really CAN wear the dresses again. They could wear that very same dress to a wedding the following weekend if they wanted.

For my wedding, I hope to find something that I can add in a splash of  Tiffany blue. I think a sash or ribbon around the waist could be just enough.  If that would not work with the dresses, something simple like a Tiffany blue ribbon around the stems of the bridesmaids’ bouquets would also incorporate the color. I mean, really, there are a ton of ways the wedding colors can be incorporated into a LBD bridal party. Jewelry, flowers and if I really wanted to get crazy, some Tiffany blue shoes would REALLY make a statement.  

What else is good about LBDs? You can usually find dresses that will fit any body type. Another option is that you could easily allow the bridesmaids to have different dresses. You might want to avoid having numerous types of fabric because the color will look much different on a silk dress than on a chiffon dress.

So here are some examples of dresses that I really like and think would be nice on any body type (Ladies in my bridal party, one of these could be your dress!). These ones are just a few by The Dessy Group. I love their dresses and most have very reasonable prices!


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  1. I like all of the dresses but really like the one with the pockets and the one with the bow on one shoulder

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