I’ve been busy…

This past weekend I had to take some time off from imagining and dreaming about my own wedding. My friend, Jenn, is getting married at the end of February. So it was bridal shower time!!! Her sister and I share the maid of honor title, so we had planned a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme for her shower. Jenn’s mom started collecting tea pots from antique stores in November, which we ended up “raffling” off to the guests. We found lots of items to use for decorations like a glass chess board and picture frames with Queen of Hearts playing cards. We decided on using lots of bright colors. I found these really cute plum colored tea pots online which I was able to purchase wholesale at a discounted price. I had intentions of using these as the vases for the centerpieces. However, the night before the shower when putting together the multi-colored Gerbera daisy centerpieces, I found these were not going to work. The opening at the top was too wide and the tea pots were not  deep enough to make the flowers stand up the way they should. I found trumpeted, clear, glass vases to replace the tea pots. This ended up looking great! We also placed one of the antique teapots on each table. The favors were organza bags stuffed with 3 different flavors of tea. We placed “Drink Me” tags on each favor bag. Rather than having a cake, we chose cupcakes which were both chocolate and vanilla with vanilla icing and multi-colored sprinkles on each. The shower was at the Crowne Plaza on Fort Couch Road. They really were wonderful and the food was excellent. The staff was very attentive and even brought out a few different colored linens to help decorate the food table and the table where the bride, bridal party, and mothers were sitting. We asked each woman to wear their craziest hat. We had a great time and everyone really enjoyed dressing up with their funniest hat.

We are not big game people, so we chose just 2 games. We decided to break up the gift opening using the games so we wouldn’t lose people. We chose to ask Jenn questions about her groom to see how much she knew about him. With each incorrect answer, she had to chew a piece of Bubble Yum and keep adding with more incorrect answers. The other game we called the candy bar game. Each table had 30 seconds to look at a tray of candy bars and memorize them. They then had to write a story about Jenn and Brian using the names of each candy bar. Then once the gifts were opened and the stories were written, they read the stories out loud. It was very entertaining to hear what people had come up with.

The shower was a great success and everyone had a great time with it. And so did we. But we were also looking forward to the night following the shower. Since Jenn has some people from out of town in her wedding party, we had the bachelorette party the same night. We went to Seviche for a drink and then back to Station Square where we ended the night. We all stayed at the Sheraton in Station Square that night, so we were able to relax and not worry about how we were going to get home. I’ll leave the details to the people who were there. It was a ton of fun and I think Jenn enjoyed her “last” night out as an unmarried woman.


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